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Mind Over Matter Enterprises (aka M.O.M. Enterprises) is the brainchild  of singer/songwriter/recording artist Maleke O’Ney. The eclectic Artist  first used the acronym M.O.M. in 2011 when she returned to the music scene  after a brief hiatus. M.O.M. was then defined as, Maleke O’Ney Music. The Artist’s freshman EP entitled “The ReIntroduction” was published and  released under the monicker in 2014 (available for download here).

M.O.M. has since developed into an umbrella company that embraces who  Maleke O’Ney truly is. She is the epitome of an Artist; she creates.  Music has always been the driving force behind Maleke O’Ney’s creativity, however, music is but a piece of a greater purpose. It is  the art of healing that this burgeoning entrepreneur is most passionate about.

“I am a strong advocate for physical, mental and emotional health and  well-being”, she says. “Heal or be healed is one of my favorite mottos.  Music, a good read, a relaxing or invigorating scent, a painting, a hot  cup of tea... all these things posses the magic of healing. I’ve been  blessed with the gift to produce them all and I am committed to sharing those gifts with the world. My mission is to #Be Love.” M.O.M.  Enterprises, allows Maleke O’Ney to do just that.

You may ask, if the mission remains, why the name change? Simply put,  Mind Over Matter is a reminder that “we all posses the power to create  and control our own destiny. As a man thinks, so it shall be”, explains  the genteel innovator. The name Mind Over Matter was adopted in 2017  after Maleke O’Ney partnered with the Boutique Management firm; EL X Creative Marketing & Management to form an initiative based around the Arts that would reach all genres, cultures, races,  religions, sexes and socioeconomic backgrounds.

“It’s a rewarding partnership. It allows me to focus on my strengths being Creating.  Consulting and brainstorming with EL X Creative gives life to my ideas. I  have a greater vantage point now because we’re left brain and right brain working in synchronicity. I’ve been an Artist all my life; mixing  teas, writing songs, writing stories, drawing and painting. I’ve had  success, but I am finally experiencing what it means to be impactful and build legacy. That is where true success lies.”

Whether you’re in the mood for a good read, a healthy  drink option  or a song that you can bob your head to or fall in love to, M.O.M. Enterprises has the remedy.  You’ll find music and literature, tea and juice, visual art and aroma therapy products all here for the healing of your mind, body and soul.

Maleke O’Ney Music

Singing, songwriting and performing began early on for Maleke O’Ney.  From the age of four until her early teens, she was a member of a  touring Gospel group that her parents formed. As a young adult, she  experimented with different sounds, genres and writing styles which  landed her a recording contract in 2000. The excitement was short lived  because she was subsequently dropped. Her faith in the music business  waned until a move to Atlanta, Ga inspired her to take control of her  destiny. In 2014, she independently released an EP called “The  ReIntroduction” followed by a trilogy set called “3-The Mix Sessions”.  Her debut album entitled “Confessions of a Pentecostal Girl” is up next.  It encompasses the growth and purpose of Maleke O’Ney and Maleke O’Ney  Music.

M.O.M.'s Tea

An avid tea drinker, Maleke O’Ney’s passion for herbalism was heightened after discovering that a close friend was suffering from  anxiety and depression. She was determined to find an alternative to the debilitating drugs that were prescribed. After much research, Maleke O’Ney was convinced that the cure for every ailment can be found in nature. So began her journey into tea mixology. Packed with flavor and healing properties, M.O.M.’s Tea comes in single packs, weekly, monthly and quarterly quantities to encourage a healthy lifestyle. 

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