Maleke O'Ney


When you have a passion, follow it. 

Over the last decade, we’ve experienced a decline in Soul Music popularity; as record labels have down sized the Black Music Divisions, Soul Artists and Musicians have been left to fend for themselves. Artist, Maleke O'Ney, experienced the effects first hand during the initial stages of the decline. She lost an opportunity with Dreamworks Records when the Music Division was retained by another label whose Executives had trouble determining her target market and how to engage them. Uncertain of her future in the Music Industry, Maleke O’Ney spent the next several years as an Independent Artist inching towards her goals with the belief that someday her progress would activate her Music career. For quite some time, she balanced family life and the pursuit of her dream with little distraction until the reality of her failing marriage set in. Maleke O’Ney found herself divorced and a newly single parent just one year after the disappointment of losing a major contract. She experienced a bout with self-doubt, confusion, discouragement and ultimately self-reflection, which prompted her to embark upon a journey of healing and realignment. This realignment took the determined stoic from Washington, DC to Atlanta, GA to begin a new chapter of her life. She released the burdens of her past and set out to ReIntroduce herself. 

Still independent of support and seeking direction for her new mission, Maleke O’Ney continued to write and compose Music as well as revisit the Art of Tea Blending; a life-long passion and craft passed down to her by her Grandmother, Geraldine, as a young girl. She maintained connectivity to the inner circles of the Music Community by writing, recording, performing and collaborating with Grammy award winning Artists, Musicians and Producers before deciding in 2011 that she was ready to begin telling her story through song. The Artistic Expressions that developed from this period proved to be very cathartic; “The ReIntroduction”, a five song EP about the pains and pleasures of love written, arranged, co-produced and executive produced by Maleke O’Ney, was birthed during that time. The EP was made available on all the major outlets and physical copies were sent to Record Stores, Boutiques and Radio Deejays. Shortly after its release, “The ReIntroduction” gained International awareness. Bloggers and Magazine Editors began contacting Maleke for interviews about the project. “The experience was priceless, but more importantly for me, releasing that project gave me the confidence to immerse myself into the process of helping others heal though Music”, the coy Artist states. Not long after her official introudcution into the Music Business, Maleke O'Ney began penning her debut album, “Confessions of a Pentecostal Girl”. As Maleke began making greater inroads in the Atlanta Soul Community, another blow to the mission slowed her progress. Her then Personal Manager abandoned her in the midst of her upward trajectory leaving Maleke in disarray and without direction, until a fated meeting with Project Manager, Elliot Lloyd, of EL X Creative and they’ve been together ever since; strategizing, executing, creating and networking.

They worked side by side and embarked on developing a legacy they both desired and simultaneously built a bond that led them to fall in love. The newly formed team took to the streets together and began building relationships with Artists, Deejays, Producers, Musicians, Tastemakers, Promoters and Entrepreneurs in Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX. Elliot applied the knowledge he gained from his experience in the Hip Hop sect of the Industry to the newly ventured agenda of Marketing and Managing an Artist that encompassed Soul/Funk/Blues/and Gospel all in one. After three years of focus and dedication, and under the M.O.M. ENTERPRISES brand, the two successfully completed the Production and Recording of what is proclaimed to be the Album of the Year in the Soul/Funk/Blues/Gospel categories. 

Acknowledging the dismal fact that without promotional budget, touring budget and no endorsement deals, it becomes difficult to break a new Artist with any substance.  To curtail this unfortunate reality, Maleke O’Ney’s Manager/Husband suggested she attach her brand to an established and reputable brand with greater visibility in order to catapult her career. After unsuccessfully attempting to secure an endorsement with several beverage companies without success, the two adopted a “Do For Self” approach. Following a series of Brainstorming Sessions, Maleke O’Ney and Elliot Lloyd, developed a strategy to build awareness, increase profits and maximize marketing efficiency with their newly formed Tea and Tunes® marketing concept in order to get Maleke O’Ney’s debut album, “Confessions of a Pentecostal Girl”, to market. The team combined Maleke’s passion for healing through the Art of Music and the Art of Tea Blending to help launch her career; thus M.O.M. ENTERPRISES was born.

M.O.M.'s Tea® has been established with four blends of Tea and three flavors of TeaJuice® in support of Maleke O’Ney Music®. The M.O.M.'s Tea and Tunes® package completes the first phase of M.O.M.'s mission to create a unique product line that creates added value to the primary brand product, Maleke O'Ney Music®. Maleke O’Ney continues to diversify her brand and broaden her reach. What’s next? M.O.M.’s Tea and Tunes® Tour. It is touted as a refreshing new way to receive M.O.M.’s Artisan Blended, Loose Leaf Tea and Maleke O'Ney’s Debut BioDocumentary project, "Confessions of a Pentecostal Girl”.